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Family Medicine rej/invite 2016 - psycho14
Congrats Psycho14, if you dont mind can you share your yog?
@cadet what do u mean by acknowledgement?

& GL to all with interviews (:

I haven't heard anything Sad
Psycho if u do not mind can u tell your credentials as st joseph supposedly has a high cut off?
3 acknowledgments, 2 rejects so far. xD Fingers crossed.
Has anyone had any response after submitting the UMN supp? How long do they take to review and invite? Thank you!
was wondering the same thing. Has anybody received anything after submitting the supplemental application. And does this program send out rejections.
nope heard nothing yet..

guys what does acknowledgements mean? do they send an email? confused.. :S
so far, only one person got IV?


acknowledgements are basically a program saying they downloaded/received your application
Graduated 2013. Barely passed all steps. Failed ck twice. Just passed step 3 with a low score on first attempt. If there is a high cutoff for getting an interview I am the exception because I scored way below average. Is citizen so I don't need a visa or anything.
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