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Family Medicine rej/invite 2016 - psycho14
Cadet, what day did you apply and when did the invite come?
I applied on th 16th. I was awaiting my final letter which got released that day
how much does applying late affect your application?
That's pretty disappointing, I apply pretty broadly in NJ the same time you did and haven't heard anything. Maybe tomorrow.
I think it is good that you did not get any rejections yet DoctordonstopSmile
They send only rejections very fastSmile
@moonsun I received this email and I do not qualify their 3 years cut off requirement. Which one do you not qualify?

Thank you for your interest in the Mercy Family Medicine Residency Program (Iowa Medical Education Collaborative program) in Des Moines, Iowa. Your application and credentials have been carefully reviewed. Unfortunately, we are unable to consider you for an interview as a result of failing to meet one or more of the following application requirements: No more than one fail (all Steps), graduated within the last 3 years, or US citizen or permanent resident status required.

We extend to you our best wishes for securing the program and training you desire.

Dean W. Moews, MD
Program Director
Mercy Family Medicine Residency Program (Iowa Medical Education Collaborative program)
Des Moines, IA

They have cut off
My messages dont get posted for some reason
now that ERAS beginning is here we are offering for services that will allow you to get more NOTICE by the PDs. PD have different criteria for app filters and we will help get your application on the PD desk. please send us your apps info with lors and PS and myeras info to the email personalstatementeditor

also send for us name of programs for which you would like to get IV. we will then use PERSONAL CONTACTS in our very large and exstensive physicean network in the USA and UK for make contacts and networks to get your file every where. this service is a new one but for now will charge $30 BUT OFFER MONEY GIVE-BACK if no IV. so really nothing will be lost. send the personal check or card info for prcessing in same emails.

best of luck appliCANS. it is not appliCANT but appliCAN. because we CAN match.
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