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Family Medicine rej/invite 2016 - psycho14
@hope04, same as yours, 3 yr cut off. But i applied at afternoon 9/15, maybe they filtered only one part right away. I have no clue really.

Btw, when i checked the requir on july there were no 3 yr cut off. I wouldn't have wasted my $$ if i knew it before.
Total silence for me so far (no rej or iv's), except for the UMN supplemental thing on day one. applied to 127 programs.
The silence is deafening LOL What do you guys think about applying to some more programs after the initial wave? Good idea or waste of money? I'm thinking about adding some programs that I left off before ust to increase my chances.

Thank you for your interest in the Mercy Family Medicine Residency Program (Iowa Medical Education Collaborative program) in Des Moines, Iowa. Your application and credentials have been carefully reviewed. Unfortunately, we are unable to consider you for an interview as a result of failing to meet one or more of the following application requirements: No more than one fail (all Steps), graduated within the last 3 years, or US citizen or permanent resident status required.

We extend to you our best wishes for securing the program and training you desire.

Dean W. Moews, MD
Program Director
Mercy Family Medicine Residency Program (Iowa Medical Education Collaborative program)
Des Moines, IA


My YOG is 9 yrs.
I find it odd that nobody on this forum seems to be getting invites but the other usmle forum site is full of them. Guess I should probably close out my browser.
Its not odd, its become very very competitive. As far as "Help Each other" its BS, we can't I just read to see what is happening
doctordontstop what other forum
It's called "USMLE-forum" with a dash in the middle
Yes I know that site been a member since 2009, there are a few invites there but not many

Best advice I can give is get to US and do time here, get lots of contacts then apply where you know someone, if you can get residency here by getting a job before next year's match then you do not need a visa.
Did anyone get an acknowledgment from the University of Arkansas in Little Rock? They received my application and said they already have 1,400 (!) applicants, so it will take some time before they are able to review all apps and respond....
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