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Family Medicine rej/invite 2016 - psycho14
I got the same email
I got it too, I guess we are in for a long wait from most programs
Any idea how it works with a phone IV - do they tell you ahead of time when to expect a call?
Nothing today, again. (understandable since its only been 3 days). Except for the acknowledgement from Univ. of arkansas. Good news, no rejections I guess.
I guess no rejections is good news. But can it mean they are not even bothered with sending rejections? :-(
got a rejection from UIC Dixon yesterday
I think UIC Dixon is rejecting most those with older graduation years. What is your's Rajkaur?
also, i believe they (UIC dixon) prefer applicants with step 3 under their belts as they like to give H1 to non citizens in contrast to J1.

On their site it says, "We accept H1 visas"... does that mean they will sponsor you for one or you must already have one and they'll "accept" it... It's a bit ambiguous, at least to me.
rajkaur0408: Did you get interview at UIC Rocford?
is there any way to know if the PDs have reviewed our application??
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