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Family Medicine rej/invite 2016 - psycho14
You get a rej or invite only way to know now
but isn't there any system? i was reading somewhere about the applicant tracking document system? Any idea? :S
@mahr90 In previous years you would be able to see when a program downloaded your application. This really meant nothing except that the program had your materials. This year, the system has changed to a web-based interface where everything is available immediately. Programs no longer need to download the information to their PDWS (Program Director Workstation). Once you select that a program should receive your application and you submit, it is immediately available to programs.

Again, you have NEVER been able to see if a program looks at your application, despite what former applicants have said. Programs didn't have the capacity to download one person's application, but not the next guy's. Programs had to download everything that was sent to their program.
hmm understood, thanks.

Come on guys, what is the big deal if you know or not that the PD downloaded your paper or not!!!??? If they want to see your face they will send an IV and if not you either will never hear back from them or you will receive a rejection. If you didn't hear back from them you have the full right to call and ask them about that. Button line get over it guys. Good luck everyone and hope we all will receive IVs
In the past even if downloaded it does not mean it made it past the (Evil) screening software that blocks the program from seeing the Application. Its better now, apply and wait..................
Got an acknowledgement from Stamford o.O
Rejection from University of Nebraska Medical Center
Rejection from St peters!
Acknowledgement from stamford, rejection from Macneal
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