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EPP app - northstar
Any Epp applicants for 2016 here?
hi I applied to the EPP 2016. Have you received any communication from them?
not yet.whats ur toefel marks
I got 102. Does the toefl score affect your chances of getting in? I called them nov last year, they said they haven't sent out responses regarding the applications sent.
Nice to finally get some convo going on this forum. scored a 99 on Toefl. i'm not show though how they might evaluate the apps.
my marks is 84 on toefel,i dont think they will accept
anam0707, dont be discouraged. i think you can take the toefl again and see if you can score higher, then you can call the admission office to see if they may accept your new score, since they have not started considering the apps yet.
Clibrando, congrats on your toefl score. we just have to keep our fingers crossed and wait for them to contact us i guess.
thank you northstar. i was getting worried that interviews have been scheduled already and i may not have been on the list.
anam0707, northstar is correct. you can actually retake the test to get a a higher score.
i have also applied guys, and i got 92 on toefl. i contacted them this week and they said interviews would be sent out in march and april of this year. make sure ur application is complete. they indicated to me my application is complete and i just have to wait.
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