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EPP app - northstar
Hi guys
I have applied too in October and haven't hear anything yet
Are you guys all first time applicants ?
Thanks for creating the forum
Hey! guys it looks like responses will be out in the late spring like pa_admission noted cos i havnt heard anything too. Pls lets try to keep the forum members informed of any developments we might know of. Thanks guys.
Any update on interviews?
Nothing here
Just got an interview from them. There is an exam that we have to take now too.
i got scheduled for an exam in april and interview the week after. 😬😬😬. Any tips on the prep for the exam? With just 1 month of prep and all the subjects covered?
I got an exam and interview scheduled for April. I did not take any USMLE exams. I think the priviledge will be given to those who took( at least they do remember something from basic medical scienses). There is no way to get ready for the exam in just 1 month. If I knew there is an exam to take I would think twice before applying.
Your USMLEs will not matter. Prepare well for the exam and try do well in the interview.

hi.. do you think i could talk with u for a little bit when u get a chance? Needed to ask some questions.. can we skype or email? my email address is lincoln123123 at
or skype me on same user id please lincoln123123
Hi all,
I got an IV and the test for the first week of April, but I can not make it. I would like to swich
with some body if interested.
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