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Question about the validity of USMLE steps - fm2017
Dear all,
I read somewhere that the validity for the USMLE steps is 7 years.
Does this mean we have to pass step1,2ck and 2cs in 7 years period and we can apply even after this period for the match? or, once 7 years has passed the first step we have taken we have to retake that step?

step1: 2010
step2ck: 2016

Can the above person apply for the match in 2020? or he has to retake step1?

Thank you.
Your scores should remain valid since you completed all steps forward for ECFMG certification within a seven year period. You would not have to retake them.
Thx rsz
even step3 has to be completed by 7 yrs in most states and by 10 years in California.
Wow, didn't know that!
Good to know, thx Smile
Wow, didn't know that!
x trench run
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