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should we reapply again for the 2nd round? - pharaohqueen
should we reapply for SOAP again for the 2nd round or that's it???
When soap begins you get 45 applications
and the number of open positions are the number at the beginning, no new positions will open up.

So if you apply to all that you are interested in
thats it till Friday.

You just check for offers

but I doubt anyone will get a position without an EMAIL.

when 2nd round will start?
2nd round stated today at 2 PM.

It ended I guess. but if you used up all of yours 45 application then you can't do anything.
that's why it's better to apply 30 (monday), 15 (wed.) 5 (thru).
Or it's up to you.
I applied to 42 first and saved 3 for later based on the 3 past years
Plus I have no idea if the programs even check after the first round, meaning if they even care about more applications since they get more than needed to fill
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