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Need some urgent advise. - drwhizpeds

Hi guys... Congrats for all those who have matched!!

I am an IMG from India. I gave my step 1 in 2012. The score was very bad as I was not well, score was 208. Also I did USCE for 4-5 months in a very reputed hospital in the same year. Later due to some reasons, I couldn't continue my usmle preparation. Now I have joined MD com med in India since 1 year. Now I plan to prepare for matching right after my MD is finished.
I have done only step 1. I have heard that step 1 score gets invalid after 7 years.
Now my query is by the time I will apply for match, it would be already appr 6-7 yrs past my step 1. Should I give other steps and step 1 again. By this I would have opportunity to increase my step 1 score and increase the chances of match after 2- 3 years from now.

Please, I want some sincere advise. I am very much determined to prepare again. But I don't know what approach should I follow.
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