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is it ok to prepare uw ck by subject review? - rithala
i did 200 doing random uw ck questionns but it is taking very long to make connections. it was a big lag and stress looking for info in mtb and was not helping me study. note taking was not efficient.

i can only do uw ck one time and want to make the best of the learning. i want to separate uw ck by peditrics, surgery, psychiatry, obstetrics-gynecology and then do internal medicine by each subsystem. in timed mode.

i know exam is random but if learning random is not helpful, is it ok to do it like that timed and then review each subject test after to make more understanding? will it be faster and more efficient than jumping random?

thanks for your advice.
can somebody please give some input for 1 minute? Smile thanks again.
I would suggest do it random, though it may take time but it will be worth it at the end.
thanks for the comment!

other than like how it is going to be for the test, what is your reason behind supporting random instead of subject? just want to understand what you said Smile
Subject base you memorize material but by random you learn.
it depends on where you are at the stage of preparation.

If you think your foundation is strong(what I mean by that is if you can go over USMLE secrets step 2 ck cover to cover in a couple of days without much difficulties, I would say you have a strong foundation), then you can go ahead and finish UWORLD on random mode.

However, if there are lots of things that you need to learn from USMLE step 2 CK secrets, then I would recommend you to go over USMLE step 2 CK secrets cover to cover at least three times in a period of 2 weeks. then start UWORLD on subjectwise. once you are done with UWORLD subject mode then you can go ahead and do UWORLD random mode on the questions that you got wrong and marked.

good luck!
thanks for the comment help!

i don't think i have a strong foundation based from nbme 4 online (212) i did before uw. my goal to 15-20pts better than my step 1 which was a 210.

no subject was stronger on the nbme 4 ck.

i've been doing random tutor still. average is 61% after 400 questions but not caring much on uw score. i didn't change uw to subject yet but was wondering if it is going to help and so why i made the question here. there is time to do uw only 1x because i want to finish before the july score delay. i don't know if i can lose days from uw in reading step 2ck secrets right now! i'm not using any other books, just uw because it has so much info.
You memorize information based on the subject, yet you learn at random.
tunnel rush
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