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Pathology Match 2017 - pathpath
Do you think the match season for Pathology is over or almost over?? I know that Pathology programs tend to finish reviewing applications earlier than other specialties because of the smaller load of applicants.
Most of the places I applied to are sending out interviews.. I got 2 IVs so far and zero rejections...
Pathology programs send IV in batches.if one doesn't hear by the end of October than it's over. So be optimistic we will get more.
I don't think so. Most of the Path Programs have not began the interview process. The one which have called for IV have sent out their IVs early as usual.
@egymed from where did you get your second IV?
University of Mississippi, and they only gave me 3 date choices to choose from, So I assumed they are approaching the end of their interview season.
congrats @ egymed13. thats great
anyone got any inv/rej (sorry to ask abt rej) yesterday??

my inbox ws silent yesterday.. Sad
Congradulations to all who received an interview but I still haven't received one and feel bad. I know you may say there is still time but alot has received atleast one and I don't have any :-(.
anyone who did not get any iv yet?
I didn't get any one yet
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