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Pathology Match 2017 - pathpath
I only know abt uni of Oklahoma n HFH, in this case ll put HFH first!
Thanks pathapplicant
@pathapplicant , I thin Houston program is more amgs
@pathpath, I would put Henry ford higher. It's a good program.

How was your experience at univ of Kent?
How were the residents?
@ path path, I know a graduate of wrstchester. He is good so I think the training is good.
I have not been to the program personally.
is beumont, royal oak a good program?
westchester is fine I iv'ed there
friendly ppl
4 day cycle on surg path which is great
plenty plenty of time to read/preview
only downside is low volume of cases
Low volume is a big downside. Than no pead path no BST.
@aag I liked the U.K. Program. It's very laid back program. Only worry is stag is either too old or two young. That means people don't want to stay there. Residence were also low in moral. Seams like over burden with work.
I mean staff *
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