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Pathology Match 2017 - pathpath
Guys, a FMG (needs visa) who hasn't done residency in Pathology in their home country and trying to apply for pathology residency in US, what are the chances? Given that he has done some research and observerships in pathology in USA?
Pathology is VERY IMG friendly (partly because of the bad job market lol). Having research and observerships will definitely increase your chances of getting a position, even without a residency in home country. I got 8 interviews with low to average scores, but they are mostly small programs. If you get above average scores you can aim at the medium to top tier pathology programs for sure.
egymed but ur a US citizen
that helps a lot
I believe it helps but not that much. I also applied to IM and got only 1 IV through someone I know. So pathology is clearly much more IMG friendly than clinical specialties in my opinion.
Hi.Good luck to all of you and I hope you guys match at your number one position.
@pathpath, @ilovegipath, @chatzopouloskyr, @pathandresearch
Can you guys please guide me regarding research and publications like how you do it and what is the way, i am planning to do research so it make my cv good.But I don't know how.It will bea huge favour if you could guide me.
Thanks and good luck to you all Smile
Do u have a hunch as to where u will match?
I jus hope it happens. Is 10 sufficient? I keep thinking maybe something I'd off with my.application
Just wondering if hands on experience of united states as a pathologist assistant ( mainly helping with grossing stuffs) along with good usmle scores will increase chances to get interviews from good programs?
How many interviews does one need to match? I had 11 with good feedback from pds but I am still nervous.
11 interviews...ur going to match
i had 8 and 1 was a prematch which I didn't get
cancelled the 2nd iv so only ranked 6 programs
ur chances are higher than mine...honestly
the wait is killing me....and the more I think of it
I realize tht no one really knows wht we've been through to get to this point....I wish everyone all the best...keep dreaming...u'll get there some day
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