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Pathology Match 2017 - pathpath
I matched at Hartford Hospital
pathpath please post ur credentials
im guessing u have extensive research experience and pubs
@ Sombodynobody I do have research experience!

Hello guys time to give back to this forum:
Match 2016
Step1 203.
CK 226( 2nd attempt)
CS passed (2nd attempt)
Residency from home country in pathology.
Working in research from last 2 years
7 paper 1 poster (1 first author).
Total numbers of IV 4.
Result: Unmatched
YOG 2007

Match 2017
13 paper 7 poster (4 first author)
Step3 213 first attempt
Externship 1 month
USCE 3 months
Total number of IV 13
Results:' Matched' in pathology
Bottom line is never loss hope, do hard work, try to nail step3 and USCE if old grad.
@ Somebodynobody Hartford is a good program. Attending are good. They have good fellowships.
Hi everyone and congratulations to everyone who matched. If I wanted to apply to pathology, what kind of USCE should I have? Till now I have been focussing on FM and have a few months of externship in FM. How do I get USCE in pathology? And do I have to have published papers to be a good candidate?
Basically, how does an IMG with zero experience in path get started in applying to a residency in pathology?
anyone else nervous about starting residency?
@sarahimg honestly just demonstrate interest in path get some path US lors
write a good personal statement and put on a good show during the interview and only tell them what they want to hear..thats it
there's no secret to it....most imp is most are liars they will tell u we will rank u and they won't so don't trust them
Congratulations to everyone who matched!!

I don't have any pathology res or usce, no research, This was my 3rd match, applied to IM only as i have IM clinical experience. my cred: 225/240/210/pass, 1st attempt, yog 10+
@somebodynobody: Do you have pathology residency back home? What kind of research help in pathology residency? usce should be observership in pathology?

@aag Could you please tell me how to get an observership or research experience in university of Kentucky? How to apply for that? I am from Ohio, you suggested to get usce from local program, i want to try in uk.

You're not alone. I'm nervous about starting residency too. I have no experience in Pathology aside from my rotations in medical school many many years ago and a CP rotation in the US a couple of years ago. I am trying to finish step 3 before residency so as not to get distracted with it during training. Is there anything I can read to help me understand at least the very basics of pathology training, grossing.... etc.
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