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Pathology Match 2017 - pathpath
pathology illustrated grossing manual
surg path intro to diagnostic process by molavi
first 10 chapters of robbins basic pathology (if you want)

i rely heavily on
it really is a great resource for everything
including histology....
how long does it take to get the j1 visa?
personally I used pathology secrets, pathoma for path (quick review)
and wheater's basic pathology (these are all for intro)
Hi guys,
I recently created a website dedicated to sharing my pathology weekly cases and journey. I started pathology residency last year with zero experience in Pathology. I know a lot of people are in the same position, not knowing what to expect. I will use my page to connect with anyone that matched into pathology or is aspiring to do pathology, i will try to answer as many questions as i can.
Thanks so much @somebodynobody
did anyone get an email from their program yet
I'm still waiting....
I received a welcome email from the program
Congrats everyone who got match this year. I have a question for ilovegpath and pathpath can you guys please help me . I am also trying for pathology programs but didn't get any I'vs. can you please tell me more about Harvard post doc fellow program. What it is and what is the procedure to get that. Please do answer me I need some guidance.
Write emails to principle investigators. Attach your CV and cover letter. And pray you got that position. If you get reply from 5 percent of your email that is good response and rest depend on your experience and expertise. Good luck
For those of you aspiring to go into Pathology, hope y'all know it's virtually 5-6 yrs residency program because you can never get a job after doing 4 yrs straight without fellowship.
2ndly, the job market is dicey. Jobs are tough & you hardly get job at the geographic location of choice.
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