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Pathology Match 2017 - pathpath
Congrats to IVs!
New in this forum. Old graduate, PhD, published paper, a lot of teaching and research experience. Credentials 212/235/CS 2nd attempt. 4 US LORS, 2 from big pathologists. 5 mont of pathology observership. Applied to 30 programs ONLY, locally, have a big family, can't move. No interviews.

convince yourself and family so that you can move for residency.

If programs near u prefer IMGs and don't care about YOG you will be lucky.

I strongly suggest to apply more and be prepared to move. Everything works out..

Where r u located?
thank you aag, can not move. I live in Maryland. PA is the maximum that I can move.

From where did you get your PhD? Is it from USA and which University.
Good luck.
Guys it's time to update.
How many IV by 1st oct
I got 4
Got only one!
@mehdira what's your credentials?
Got only 1 IV Sad

Old graduate, pathology residency from home country, 2 years research experience. Credentials 204/215/CS pending. 4 LORS, 2 very strong. several months of pathology observership. Applied to over 100 programs.
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