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Pathology Match 2017 - pathpath
Hi everyone,
Congrats to all of you who matched and better luck to those still haven't. Quick question, if you are coming from derm background and have US derm research experience and want to do pathology residency, what is the best roadmap? Will training in dermpath help? Is it easy to obtain obs in path here in the US?

Appreciate your advice!

Thank you!
I MATCHED too, 247, 241, No step 3, YOG 2012, IMG, need visa. 1 year of research, I had 10 IVs with 1 prematch. Ranked 9.
I am so excited to know where I matched.

Please try to write your creds. to help others.
I think it will help having Dermpath experience. You have to show them that you love Pathology. So do a lot of Observerships and Research. I had candidates interviewing with me from similar backgrounds to yours.

Pathology is less competitive than other specialties. But any specialty is competitive. Nothing is easy.
Thanks a lot Pathfinder 2017.

Hello guys time to give back to this forum:
Match 2016
Step1 203.
CK 226( 2nd attempt)
CS passed (2nd attempt)
Residency from home country in pathology.
Working in research from last 2 years
7 paper 1 poster (1 first author).
Total numbers of IV 4.
Result: Unmatched
YOG 2007

Match 2017
13 paper 7 poster (4 first author)
Step3 213 first attempt
Externship 1 month
USCE 3 months
Total number of IV 13
Results:' Matched' in pathology
Bottom line is never loss hope, do hard work, try to nail step3 and USCE if old grad.
Hi Pathpath

I have quite similar credential like you especially with regards to USMLE scores, except I have not tried step 3.I have also a PhD from US and more than 20 papers and 25 poster presentation with 10 years of research. 1 month USCE in inpatient. Applied for pathology this year, only got 1 interview and despite very positive feedback from PD did not come up matching. Could you please let me know what did you do to get 13 IV? How can I increase my chance any further to get more IVs? I appreciate your insight.
@ docsendi nail step3 and do more observerships work on your personal statement focus on patient care rather than research, I mean tell how your research will help you to become a great pathologist in patient care.
I took the help of
Congrats Dr.Pathpath, your determination is inspiring!!!
Im only interested in Pathology and will apply for the 2018 Match. Would you mind sharing me some informations about your USCE and externship? my email ibench85lbs

My credentials: step 1 low 230s/ CK planned next month/ CS 1st attempt/YOG 2011/UC-citizen.
No USCE, No research. Did Surgery intern home country, 4 years gap working in trucking industry. Hopelessly finding a way to cover my gap as well as the changing in interest.
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