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Pathology Match 2017 - pathpath
@arsenal you're kinda full of shit. most jobs for any specialty are going towards the fellowship required route (there's even IM Hospitalist fellowships around today). There's plenty of work available all over the place, and as more incompetent physicians order endlessly more useless tests, there will be pathology job security for the foreseeable future.
Reply need for name calling, just my 2 cents. Do your research before jumping to conclusions. My cousin ( an IMG) did path in a mediocre NJ program & was hard to get good fellows after wards ended up doing 3 fellowships with hopes of getting a job. He regrets doing path other than a promised good lifestyle if lucky to get a job.
The pathologist in my hospital in Pennsylvania hates being there but cant leave because no jobs in his hometown.
My point, know what you are signing up for, talk to recent pathology grads to know what's it's like. Only go into path if you have a passion for it otherwise, do psych, IM, FP & do 1-2 yrs fellowship afterwards that way, you can make good $$ with little stress of finding jobs anywhere and good lifestyle

Are you literally kidding us? Negative people please go out of this forum. If you are not happy, apply for another speciality in your next match. We all here are passionate and happy about our speciality. It still pays in 6 figure. And go see the world of family medicine. Your friend has done path, my own uncle has done Family medicine and he is crying right now about it. I don't think you are aware of frustration people have in other specialities. I request admin to remove negative people from this forum. Are you reading this forum since begging? People are struggling here for research/publications and at the end, their INTEREST in pathology made them match. One PD in pathology told me on my face that I look if candidate is really interested in this speciality. They don't rank you if they think you are interested in medicine or other speciality. Arsenal, please keep your opinions to yourself unless someone asks you. Here no one is asking you, because we all are very well happy in our world. I hope all candidates on this thread would agree with me.
@arsenal if what you were saying were true, pathologists wouldn't be consistently ranked amongst the happiest physicians. Your cousin is probably incompetent (they're in pathology, just like they're in every specialty). The job market along the northeast is rather good, and pays around 300k/year immediately after fellowships for what amounts to 30/hrs per week if you know what you're doing. Tack on second opinions, lab management, legal consulting, and pathologists in the northeast are easily clearing 400k. In the rest of the country it's a different game, i have a friend that accepted a surgical center job in Texas that's paying him 800k. Long story short, you don't know what you're talking about, and I'm sure that extends to most things you do in life.
@pathpath sorry I am still not clear what do you mean by principal investigators can you please send me email regarding that fellow position in more detail. my email is I will really appreciate that. Thanks.
pathology or bust
These days everything is specialized unless you are in primary care.
I was told by a PD that fellowship 1-2 are a must in pathology.

Job prospects - a recent grad said jobs are there but hard to find if you are choosy.

I am in it now and this is what I wanted to do so got to swim.

It is a hard path as pathology is tough!

Wish me and all lots of luck!
is there a Skype group for pathology
Arsenal is someone who is dying to get into pathology residency ad therefore just want to create negative vibes and demotivate others who are working hard to pursue career in pathology. He/she thinks that by doing this his/her chances to get a pathology match would increase some what.
Can you guys please share the hospitals in Chicago that invited IMGs for interview this year?
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