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IM Invitation/Rejection 2017 - resident2017
215/222/pass all first attempt
no gap in CV
4 months USCE
but... >10 years YOG
thank you, good luck, elsewhere.
University of Washington Boise - acknowledgement

I am a US IMG, no need for visa.
I haven't gotten any invites nor rejections yet. Just some acknowledgements.
Gunderson Lutheran medical foundation - acknowledgement
Maybe we should post a list and just update it and have our credentials listed at the bottom. It will make it easier for everyone to read.

Riverside Community Hospital (RCH), UC Riverside, School of Medicine’s (UCR-SOM) - interview

Aurora Health Care Internal Medicine Residency Program - Acknowledgement

Henry Ford Allegiance Health - Acknowledgement

Internal Medicine at USF Health - Acknowledgement

UCLA-Olive View Internal Medicine Program - Acknowledgement

PinnacleHealth Hospitals Internal Medicine Residency Program - Acknowledgement

Iowa Medical Education Collaborative - Acknowledgement

University of Washington Boise -Acknowledgement

Gunderson Lutheran medical foundation - Acknowledgement

My credentials:
238/230/Pass (1st attempt)/2 months USCE/ US IMG/ graduated this year
hi guys. I got an IV invitation from St. barnabas (NY). Now I am a little worried because the email says " we are out of the match (our program is not participating in the match), and will be having rolling admissions. When our program fills we will no longer be granting interviews".... Thus, I don't know if take the IV soon or wait, because if they offer pre match I will not be able to see the other options, and obviously If (God first) they offer me the pre match, I will take it. Any advice?

BTW (235/247, cs 1st attempt/working as research assistant).

Lincoln medical center, new York. Acknowledgement.
@kgddj how did you apply to this program (St.barnabas) if they are not participating in ERAS?!
@willnevergiveup I did it through eras, but the email they sent me said that.
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