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IM Invitation/Rejection 2017 - resident2017
@drvernon Thanks buddy
Good luck everyone
No email in 3 days from eras
Anyone with low/average scores received interview offers?
Dear all, I'm an old IMG, and do any of you have idea if I still have chance for IM?
---Step 1: 229
---Step 2 CK: 232
CS: pass(2nd attempt)/ I know this is a red flag
---Step 3: 201
---GOY: >10 Yrs
---Green Card Holder
---USME: 1. I am doing research in a big university, so regularly observe my colleagues' clinical service a couple of times when workload is not heavy in the last 3 years, three LoR from the physicians. 2. I recently have one month of direct patient care of USME.
---Pulication: >15
Did not match last year. Any suggestions are really welcome. Thank you and wish all the best of luck for all of you!
how should I answer an email accepting an IV?
I would recommend to take a earlier date and just accept the prematch, u Donno how your other interviews would go...
Are u an IMG OR AMG???
@stranger016, I am an IMG, Dont need visa.
Thanks Jeff
Guys I am not working presently or doing any volunteer services will that effect my chances of matching
Riverside Community Hospital (RCH), UC Riverside, School of Medicine’s (UCR-SOM) - interview

Aurora Health Care Internal Medicine Residency Program - Acknowledgement

Henry Ford Allegiance Health - Acknowledgement

Internal Medicine at USF Health - Acknowledgement

UCLA-Olive View Internal Medicine Program - Acknowledgement

PinnacleHealth Hospitals Internal Medicine Residency Program - Acknowledgement

Iowa Medical Education Collaborative - Acknowledgement

University of Washington Boise -Acknowledgement

Gunderson Lutheran medical foundation - Acknowledgement

Lincoln Medical Center - Acknowledgement

UCSD Physician Scientist Training Pathway - Acknowledgement

University of Vermont - Rejection

My credentials:
238/230/Pass (1st attempt)/2 months USCE/ US IMG/ graduated this year
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