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IM Invitation/Rejection 2017 - resident2017
Hey @kgddj ! Can you please share with me your credentials? Thanks!
Sure @brainymedstudent... 235, 247, CS pass (all firts atrempt). IMG with GC, YOG 2013.
President of AMIQT, Dr. Peter Bernad, is board certified in neurology and welcomes students to participate in month-long rotations and observerships with him and highly qualified colleagues. If students are interested in multiple specialties, we can accommodate them.

For further information, please contact me directly: rubyamiqt/202-728-0099
Only 3 acknowledgements so far since Sept 15th !! No invitations and no rejections

Starting to get nervous
@elkenanysherif, same here, nervous!
Same here, silence for last two days.
@alkinanysherif... no news is good news! Here too... 3 Acknowledgment and 1 rejection... I was worried at the beginning that there was something wrong with my application or they did not receive it... but now I am sure they did by sending me the acknowledgments... so we just have to wait... The rejections will come soon!!!
nothing today??
I think next week we will be hearing something
5 Acknowledgments and 2 Rejections
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