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IM Invitation/Rejection 2017 - resident2017
Rejection mclaren oakland in Michigan
Florida Hospital, Orlando vs Presence St Francis Evanston.
Which one is better?
Both offer H1B(if that matters)

Both have good fellowship outcomes.

I would choose Florida for the amazing hospital/ranked 6th best in Florida(Just below CCF)/(many transplant programs)/location/weather over Chicago's very good program/not-so-hectic though harsh winter weather and alarming crime rates.
My perception...
Thanks a lot.

Do you have any knowledge about the fellowship outcomes of Presence St Francis? I didn't get a clear picture during the interview day. And the things on their website is not that clear either.

And btw, H1b matters to me. But, both are good in that regard.
Presence St Francis is super cush and Florida Hospital is wonderful in terms of infrastructure. Residents looked happy in both places
ERAS opened after Holidays. Anyone got an email or it will remain slow for a day or 2?
can anyone share their interview experience at Harlem please. Thanks.
Anyone going to Richmond IV on Thursday?
Rejection: Cleveland Clinic

Just for the sake of formality.
Rej Cleveland clinic
eastern virginia ms rejection today
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