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failed step 1 - raina987
It took a lot of courage to write this but I got my result 2 weeks ago and I failed step 1. AGAIN.
I got 190 and failed by just 2 points.
I was really depressed and even thought about jumping from the terrace of my house.
But I gathered myself and thought about this a lot.
I came to only one conclusion. Medicine is not for me.
I am an FMG and with two failures I dont think I stand a chance.

Through this forum I would like to ask you good people what other career path could I take?
What other options do I have here in USA besides residency??

You have many other options .. Give GRE .. Get masters in Research discipline (MPH,Clinical Research). You will still apply the medical knowledge you have and all will not go waste.

Only downside is you wont earn as much as Doctor does but you will have enough to live happy life.

There is alot more to live for than USMLE .. Dont ever forget that
sorry to see this post, I keep my advice and opinion for myself but i guess you forced me to write, give me one simple answer why usmle? do you think you mom or dad or uncle or great grand mother were idiots who perhaps dint do usmle and still lived their life peacefully comfortable and still made good living or else my dear fellow you would not have taken two attempts of this expensive exam....

long story short, prepare for usmle again if you really want it, and this time nicely STUDY don't fool around, get some ssri for your depression [i hope you dont stigmatize a person on ssri], and still if you fail you have a whole new world will open in front of you, you can pick from variety of courses, go to your closest university and inquire about what is suitable and available for you.

never think what you wrote here, its for cowards and truly selfish people, I can imagine you have not lost a loved one yet, we all loose them at some point in our lives, and it breaks our heart...death is eternal truth but do not do it intentionally to hurt your parents if no other person you care about.
Medical Science Liason -you can make upto 150k a year as long as you have a MD. I would actually go thru a agency that helps finds you a job/career and helps you built your resume.

Honestly don't ever think for even a second Suicide is the answer. This test takes alot out of a person but its just a small speedbump in your life. you need to seriously take this test again even if you never pursue medicine because I really believe you'll regret not pushing yourself. Don't take it the wrong way-i'm just saying all this because my sister went thru the same exact thing, passed the 3rd time around with a 199. i think when she took her exam she never took the time to organize/memorize her foundation ..even now i can see her having trouble with step 3 uworld qbank. It has a lot to do with the rat race of getting step 1 done. Bottom line she never gave up and i'm really proud of her for that.
Currently shes doing a few observerships in hospitals to help out her situation which honestly i think puts her at a great chance to match at that hospital.

you know you came this far and you shouldn't give up now- if you wanted to give up you should have never stepped foot on that plane! keep positive this is not the end of the world. my sister finally can see that it was a blessing in disguise, but before that she was going thru a bit of a dysthymia the last 2 yrs. take this time to really understand what is your true weakness-even if it takes another 6 -8 months just really work on how to study effectively-always try understand the foundational rule or concept or bigger picture to whatever it is you don't understand. just like that guy from pathoma says always start with a general principal and then fill in the exceptions (ie hyperplasia always becomes dysplasia except in the case of Benign prostatic hyperplasia. now knowing this i can ask you the end result of any hyperplasia in the world and your knee jerk response is CANCER except for BPH)

if you can take the step again and you hit a 240 and pass step2 and 3 first time around you will be set.

If you are sure about giving up and heading in another direction then that's fine too but this test is doable i know so many people who have passed it. Like I said even if you don't want to pursue medicine i think it would look awesome on you're resume saying you passed Step1-it would even put you in a better situation to get a job compared to someone that has a MD but no licensing exams passed.

goodluck in your endeavors
I also failed 2 exams and I know exactly how you are feeling.

I would just like to say that there ARE Other professions and careers where you can earn good money and live happily in the USA. I got sick of studying and started driving a cab. Now I have become an uber driver and I am happier than I have ever been . I make around $2000 per week and I work at my own hours and schedule. I even have my own apartment now and I bought my own car. Life is so beautiful now. I offer a valuable service of safely transporting my paassengers to their destinations. My passengers love my personality too. Instead of sitting depressed, suicidal and miserable due to the usmles, I now wake up everyday, breathe, get into my lovely uber car and drive off to my hearts desire. I get to see outdoors and travel all kinds of places. Many times I feel my job is a vacation!...Seriously, this USMLE is all BS!!!...Just get out of this depression and look out of the window. ...The sun is still shining and you are ALIVE!! Consider that a blessing and BE HAPPY. If you want to live in the USA, you will. These usmles cannot stop you. So find something that makes you happy and turn that into a career. In this country even college dropouts make careers/money! YOU have a medical degree!! So why are you upset?!! I love to drive uber. I try to study again but I just hate studying. I don't think I have it in me to do this BS life spoiling study any more!
Sorry dear, I know how u feel. I also failed once, then wasted a lot of time trying to study again. But what I realized was that I was just reading without understanding concepts, I was just trying to memorize. I'm also IMG and memorization helped a lot in my university days. US is different and USMLE is even more different and difficult.

Long story short, I made it my mission to get by basic science and concepts strong. and guess what after a 1 year of studying hard and smart I got 262.

You can still do it if medicine is what you really want. Sorry to hear your story, email me if you want more help at mariarunalu

Do you tutor step 1 ?
If you do, please send me ur email please
OR email me at
sorry but don't loose hope and read down my situation copy paste:

I m a foreign medical graduate passed at 6 th attempts Step 1 which recently got expired , back than before 2011 there no limit thing so I took this many steps but passed CS 1st attempt, taking CK soon already paid fees so no choice. Recently found out that I can't take step 1 because of new rules since I email the ECFMG and got this copy paste:"The policy on attempt limits is a policy of the USMLE program. ECFMG, as one of the registration entities for the USMLE program, has no authority to grant an exception to this policy. The only exception to this policy identified by the Composite Committee involves state medical boards. The policy includes a provision to allow examinees who have six or more attempts at a Step or component to have an additional attempt if so requested by a state medical board that is fully informed of the individual’s prior examination history."
Kindly any one help me understanding above copy paste please I m going thru lots of stress.
I willing to retake step1 please help me thanks
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I read ur story.and may be u surprised that I had a same story but it was 6 month I again start study.but seriously I need a motivated study partner.i definitely clear my steps bcz I live in usa so I need this.may be we help each other for making a new motivated schedule.if u r seriously interested then my Skype id is monaaslam10.i can give u my fon no.but first i assure that u r realy interested in passing the step 1 again.bcz i take too much time to get motivated.thank u
I totally agree with saramom

give one last try.....if you failed this time then listen to samrazer

study hard and this time use some different stratergy

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Einstein
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