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Failed ck....need advice - ripu97
@ripu sorry to hear that., but never give up. do it again. u can do it Smile did u take all of nbme online?
Yes virgo 32 .....I took all the nbme online. ..thanks for the encouragement
Sorry to hear that ripu,just pick up and fight on.I know it is easier said than done,but you can do it,trust yourself. and thanks morticia for the kindest words!
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Sorry to hear that. Mortica is right, life is a struggle. You will surely be fine. There is a unique thing that differentiates you. Pls could u or mortica share ur materials with me. Thanks in advance
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I am sorry to hear that ripu97.Hi morticia. I really need some help and advices. I feel depressed and hopeless after the results of my step 1 and step 2ck.STEP 1 low score 199 third attempt. Step 2 ck failed first attempt and I am trying to study and I was planning to take it at the end of February.I just took nbme form 6 and failed ...Please if you can send me some advices and the materials you have I would really appreciate ...And does anyone think that I should quit...I feel like I will never get a residency with these results.... should I follow a different path...

Hello anabel .... what do u need ?
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