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Failed ck....need advice - ripu97
thank you for replying back to me.I would really appreciate some opinions from you guys...I feel like with these results I have I will never make it to the residency...On the other hand I do not want to give up....For step 2 ck I have MTB 2and3 and uworld .I have step up medicine that I never read you have any idea if it is worth it.Or if you think you have any better studying material and if you do not mind sharing that with me please let me know.
Can anyone email or skype me mtb step2 ck PDF .
Emil: rohithreddyguduru
Skype: rohith.reddy42
@ Anabel19

Hi I have been studying mtb2 and 3
Did uw, Kaplan and also medquest videos and questions ( these are Dr Fischer is called medquest) really liked it a lot .....

Medquest quest are really good questions so that is what I have been doing and so far so good !

And lots of reading from mtb and also I use FIrst Aid ck
Hope all this helps
God Bless 😇
ripu97, hang in there. I am really sorry to hear that. Take some time off for yourself and then start prepping again. Don't ever give up.You have come this far. You certainly shouldn't quit!
@morticia : thank you !

Hello again 😊Do u have skype ???
hello guys i failed ck with one mark less. can any one share medquest IM videos, i heard they are very good. with this failure i figured out that i do not have good depth in the concepts. its hard to start over again. my email id is swathi.medulla. Thank you.
@ sorry to hear that. Please do not lose hope. Stay calm, take a break and start over again. Keep your faith in God.
Good luck.
@ beesmatch... Thank you for your encouraging words.
@morticia can you share medquest IM videos that would be a great help.
Thanks in advance.
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