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Failed ck....need advice - ripu97

Hello sorry i do not have those videos i only got them for a mont in December cause they were 50% off ...

I really recommended kaplan q bank and also med quest q bank. U world is great too but the more questions you do and reading fa ck and mtb 2-3 u will be fine .

I am sorry i couldn't help you !

God bless you in this journey and always 🙏🏻😇

@morticia thank you so much for your advice.
How did you manage to score like that if your assessments were so high? What happened during the exam?
very sorry to hear about this Ripu, dnt lose hope , work hard and keep trying, you will reach your goals, and i was wondering if you can please pass on the materials @morticia sent you, or if @morticia you are reading this please send me at shinereddy , god bless all of you.
thx as well
sorry to hear that but don't give up. Do it again, make sure you are prepared. Study hard and if you need help ask some one for help. There are lots of who can help you.
Take care
I hate to be the devil's advocate here but your stats looks really bad. Low Step 1 and multiple cs attempts would get you filtered out during the initial screening of most programs. You are unlikely to get IVs unless you dedicate your time in a community program doing attachment or research work for them to prove them of your merit and form important connections. Otherwise, most program directors would be apprehensive of your ability to successfully complete the residency. In addition, you'll need stellar score for your next attempt at ck. Basically, you'll need to go extra mile over others to get a shot at residency and you have to decide yourself if it's worth it.
@ wishingforthestars

Whoa that is really not very nice to say . FYI my cousin failed seceral times and he just finished Residency and had no problem getting Interviews. My sister is actually on her first year of residency and she failed step 1 3 times her score in the others steps was average and there she is doing Residency in a very good hosputal in the mid west ......

So i dont really know why you have to say things that will destroy a person and stress them out when reality is different !!!

Good luck to u and if u dont have anything nice to say just dont say anything at all ...... U never know how distructive could be your comment to others , neither u know how they feel so please from now on just keep thise nasty comments to yourself !
thank you! @morticia!
thx as well
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