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Failed ck....need advice - ripu97
@morticia : Hey I am sorry that I couldn't answer to your question about Skype.I am going through a lot these days ...personal life...sorry.I can't be on Skype...hope you understand...Good luck on your test If you haven't taken it yet!....

Hey i hope all ur problemes solve . Thank u for taking the time to mess me ....

Will keep umin my prayers

God Bless u 😇
@God bless you too...and thank you for your kindness !
if people are honest

step 1 passed 2nd attempt with a 195
CS passed
CK failed 169 and still pending.

your chances for a residency are very very very slim. Face this fact face on now and make a game plan.

you need a 240+ on CK on next try, take your time.

you need to pass step 3 first time with a decent score

you need to make connections, do some research, volunteering.

don't make excuses when it comes time. Just be honest and say you were devastated and mad but you knew you could turn it around and you did! NEVER AGAIN WILL YOU HAVE THIS FEELING AGAIN BEACAUSE FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. YOU HAVE FALLEN, NOW ITS TIME TO RISE UP AND SHOW WHAT YOUR REALLY MADE OF!
@wishingthestars was not being mean to you, a true friend and family tells you what others are too scared to say. Being nice helps no one, the truth helps. What he/she said is very honest and true.

@mortica sure people fail and make it, no one doubts that but it is not easy and way more people dont make it then the ones who do at this point.

face the facts head on and make a plan. niceness does not help you. hardwork is going to help you
do online med videos-they are free and amazing to build your foundation, MTB2, uworld questions.
thax as wqell1
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