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Failed ck....need advice - ripu97
@steps2 You need to start preparing for exam in the block which you feel weak, also prepare with study partner which can help in prepare well for the exam and can complete the preparation early. Also, take NBME tests during the preparation so that you will be knowing where you stand in your preparation.
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You will be having still chances for matching dont give up. Having an attempt in the application will be a red flag for the application.

But you can have chances by gaining multiple hands-on clinical experience which can help in gaining strong clinical experience which will strengthen the CV and can gain strong LORs for the application which make the application strong for matching.
Hundreds of Students on this USMLE Forum! Great job.
Iam sailing through the same boat . please dont give up hope . start fresh allover again with revised strategies and motivation . I am looking for some materials for ck . could anyone of you share your materials with with be of great help and I will be grateful .my e mail pskumari40 and skype id sri balla .
hello @perseverance_usmle. Please do u have any Ck videos material like medquest or kaplan. Pls kindly send to simplenato85 or skype live:.cid.6c97cb9ab8184bee if u do.Thank you.
Hello my doc friends, you all are intelligent beings that have memorized a lot of material! So many times, test anxiety disables us from performing. Anxiety becomes that cloud over our brains to where it becomes difficult to navigate through the negative thought processes to retrieve the needed information

Medical, Dental & MH Professionals Coach

P.S. I'm from an IMG family and married into one and 100% understand this!
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