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Failed CK twice. Need serious help! - kaushal1088

We're very sorry to hear about your struggle with Step 2 CK. Please know that you are not the only one who has had this challenge. We are a tutoring company that specializes in working with students on Step 1 and Step 2 CK; we've worked with dozens of IMGs and many students who need to repeat the examinations.

We have the highest average scores among all USMLE tutoring companies with an average of >260 on Step 1 and >260 on Step 2 CK. We have thousands of hours of tutoring experience for the USMLE, working with both U.S. and International medical graduates. We have seen great improvement in all of our students, and believe that our personalized approach to each student allows for our students to reach their maximum potential. Our tutors have experience directly writing questions for the q-banks, and can impart their ability to get inside the mind of the question writers directly to you. This often makes the difference between doing "just alright" and crushing your boards!

So far this year, some of our high scores for students tutored were 264 on Step 1, and 254 and 252 on Step 2 CK! We look forward to helping you achieve the same!

We tutor because we love to teach, and help our fellow colleagues. Because of this, our tutoring rates are significantly less expensive than our competitors. While it will not cost you as much, we offer the same quality, effective services as other companies.

If interested, please check out our website at

There, you will find information about our services, testimonials, pricing and how to start the tutoring program.

We look forward to hearing from you!

MedBoardTutors - Michael Shriver, MD and Andrew Beck, MD
sorry to hear about the score, but dont give-up... try to get more connections and USCE experience and get good score in Step-3 exam that will help you in the match process
contact me at mhdamersoued ill tell you what to do exactly..
I. Guaranteed Passage
a. Call in, 24-7 Information Line:
Six four one, seven one five , thirty nine hundred, ext nine five two, nine seven nine

Do not sweat it...Sad!)--RE-BOOT NOW!

I was in your boat several years back with several failures and no USCE and no hope! I am now in 4th yr (chief rez) IM...

just email me direct ( ; put "USMLE/Residency Advice Needed-URGENTLY" into the subject header)

for more tips including step 3 for upgrade (i've got some good tutoring sources to get you there) and --basically that you have to fit into the system as it stands now--e.g., get USCE, and make contacts and fill out beautiful ERAS Cvs and personal statements..GL for the next match--YOU CAN DO IT-i..e, I DID!
hey, i have the same credentials, contact me
Call , Extension 1250
Call , Extension 1250

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