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Failed CK twice. Need serious help! - kaushal1088
a: act (target score), bar, cfa, gre (target score),mcat (target score), nclex, sat (target score), usmle

-immediate start

-online, via personalized- dropbox/pre-appointed telephonic interactions see notes1

notes. 1 who?:
-(dr sanjay gupta) md; ivy league-educated, with numerous other diversely represented-professional, academic graduate degrees, correlated training, and original ("reduction of redundance-") research; encompasses eleven total certifications or specializations; nineteen years of analogous, broad-based, outcomes'-driven experience, culminating in personal-, and client's stories of "super-simplification-driven, super-success"
-by a fully guaranteed, fundamental super-simplification of most individual's/firm's pre-existing redundant, cost-ineffective -operating system's-mo's
contact (ie an easy to remember mnemonic)?:
Thank you USMLE Forum!
how "do we do it?:"

-via "a super-simplified, 'big picture analysis-based-super-maximization of real-time/ real-world-' systemic-efficiencies..."

what (is 'it?')?

guaranteed passage- (via a secure, legal, escrow contract')-board examinations (financing available...):

- usmle

elaboration on 'what?' (how do we truly "automate everything...?"):
-a "hyper-efficient" 10-minute podcast is attached

contact (a permanent, easy-to-memorize-firm's name, and contact -MO; feel free to refer us... for hefty referral incentives (tell referral to give us your name at point of consultation))?:
Thank you USMLE Forum!
sorry to hear that hope you do not give up
GOLDUSMLE review classes helped me with step2 ck i strongly recommend them
Table A Standard USMLE-Fall Semester, 2021's Registrative-, and Program of Study's-



°Guaranteed outcome


°Starts, Monday, September 6, 13:00

•How (General Principles: "Big Picture")?

°"Beta Test Run," the Full Blown- Work-Up, That Runs Through a Quasi- NIH - Proposal -Type of Formatted Protocol, Namely: Aim, Specific Aims, Background, Methodologies, Results, Discussion ("NIH-MO")

°A Targeted "Rectifications'-" Plan is Developed, That Re-hashes the 'NIH- MO'

°Recycle the Above, and Through Brute Force of Driven, Hard Work, "Practice, Practice, and Practice... Until our "Obsessionistically Perfect-" Targeted End-Points Have Been Validly Achieved

•How ("Boots on the Ground...")?

°The "Hyper-Organized-" Culmination of 20 Years of Experience, Resulting in a "Perfection-Driven-for-Standardized-Programmatic-Systematic-Success" (That Employs the Above-Mentioned Concrete "Big Picture-" Strategically Planned Overlay, Which Itself is Implemented, Tactically, Speaking Via a "Project Managerial-" Emphasis)

-Precise Schedules, Employing the Above-Mentioned State of the Art- "Project Managerial- Action Plan Items'- Tabular, Checklisted- Outcomes'- Driven Scheduling"- Methodologies (See Appendix Table for a Relevant Skeletal Exemplar)

-Precisely, Targeted, "Known-in-Advance"- Assessment Outcomes, With an Emphases on Case Breakdown, and Logical Multiple Choice Question Attempting Guidelines; Attempt Initially at a "Specific-End-of- System- Quiz-Driven-" Level, Followed, by a Global, "All Subjects- All Systems- USMLE-Simulator-Assessment"- Level -Precise "Hard Copy-" Content Delivery -Precisely Guided Live Interactions, Correlated to Real-Time Events, and Future Plans'- Base Visualizations

-Precise Regularly-, and PRN-Scheduled, Podcast -Submissions, Targeted to Suggested Methodologic'-Improvements, on a Day-to-Day-Basis

-Precisely Supervised Self-Study Content, and "Learning of the Latter"- Methodologies

-A Culmination With the Creation of a Standardized, Recycling of Your Personalized, Outcomes'-Based "Sequence of Success..."
Hicksville, New York 11801
super-simplified at gmx dot .com | (five one six) three four two-seven three zero three

University Location Start Finish Completed?
Hicksville, September, 2001- Medical Educational-
New York Consultant-footnote-a
aA research analysis of the United States Medical Licensing Examinations, Steps 1, 2-CK, and 3, leading to the creation of an online-cum-instructor-guided course, that increased the mean probability of passage of any given step, for an eligible international medical graduate client’s passage, from approximately 38%, to greater than 90%.


Thank you USMLE Forum! | (five one six) three four two-seven three zero three



A nineteen year-research analysis of the United States Medical Licensing Examination,

Steps-1,-2-CK, or -3, leading to the creation of a fully guaranteed, cloud- / conference

call-based action-plan items’-schedule (Registration- see below; and Preparatory Parts

(provided at initial consultation), that increases the mean probability of success of any

given step, from an IMG’s mean of 38%, to greater than 90%; Registration
University Location Start Finish Completed?
Hicksville, September 6, 2001- Medical Educational-
New York Examineea

Cloud (online) Applicationb


aAn examinee agrees to create schedules for all facets of the preparatory sequence
bApplication Overview using an FAQs -MO:” Conduct an initial consultation; describing

our services’-line in a professional manner, and with an expert knowledge base. Explain

overall service capabilities; receive and eliminate objections, explain exactly ‘why we

are superior to the competition?’ (for your case). Qualification of prospect, in terms of

what, when, where, why and how? What issue’s-fulfillment or resolution, will facilitate

and expedite this process? Evaluate financials, and provided options relevant to the

anticipated results of the rapid turnaround-payment plan approval-process. Plan to

prepare contracts for escrow, if relevant.

Per se; Completed? (as an “X”; List of documents in alphabetical order).

[ ] A pplication for expense account-duly signed (a app.doc is in the dropbox)

[ ] C ontract relevant to your case sub-type are in the dropbox: a signed and notarized

contract escrow (see a app.doc via the “clickable table of contents”), signed and

notarized contract promissory notes- these are created on a PRN basis…)

[ ]D river’s license copy (enlarged for all principals)

Received the initial packet upload. We need additional documents, as follows. All

documents are now current, for review.
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