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Internal Medicine 2018 Match - IV/Rej/Ack - stephope
Thanks sgak. Been bitting my nails. I am just hoping n praying.
That's good to hear. Sure, YOG 2014, 1 year of experience in home country, a bit of research there also, step 1 251, ck 232, cs 1st attempt, GC, LOR 3 from home country and 1 US.

Got an interview offer from NBI in NJ yesterday and today ack from G/Medstar in DC.
Hi guys,

I hope you can offer a realistic insight on my chances of matching. My credentials are 221/230/Passed/(all on first attempt)/no Step3/non-US IMG need visa
I have 6 weeks USCE in 2 hospitals and 1 clinic which yielded 4 US LORs and no publications just oral presentation.

So far, I have 1 rejection from U of Minnesota (FM) and ack from Medstar Washington.
Thank you!

@tinibopstin- yog? I think you got a descent profile. How many IM and FM you applied?
Got an Acknowledgement from DMC
Acknowledgement email from Detroit Medical Center/Wayne State University (Sinai Grace) Program Internal Medicine.

Anyone who applied but did NOT receive any email from DMC
anyone who applied received an email from the program. the email is a mass email
Hey everyone!

Ive recieved 2 rejections both FM Sad
3 acknowledgments for IM

Recently graduated. Step 1 224, step 2 244, cs pass first attempt. All my clinical experience was in the US.. im canadian so ill need a visa.

Kinda freaking out...i know its early and ive applied to 150 programs. Need some honest advice...will i be able to get residency? And should i apply to more programs?
@medstudentxzo I think you have decent scores...esp CK..US clinical experience will come in handy...150 programs is very good..I applied to the same number of programs..Most FM programs want US-IMGs, so you should probably focus on IM..just keep praying and hope for the best..It's still pretty early in the game!
Hi everyone new to this forum:
Step1: 218, Step2cs 221, Step2ck: pass (all on first attempt), Step3:none
Yog:2013 / US citizen IMG
14 weeks USCE (3private/1 hospital)
no publications/no research
Applied 180 (IM)/ 110(FM)
Iv: none
Ack: henry ford
Rej: montana (Billings), usf(Morsani)

@tinibopstin your credentials are strong. My classmate matched with similar credentials to yours last match.
Just gotta nail that interview. Charot!

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