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Internal Medicine 2018 Match - IV/Rej/Ack - stephope

Hi, I've also applied to Billings Montana IM program? when did you get the rejection?
@stephope My YOG is 2014 and applied to 145 IM and 15 programs! Thank you. Smile hope average people get a shot at matching!
@tinibopstin Yes. I am sure you will do good.

It was Billings, Montana Family Medicine Program
got ack from aventura hospital IM, DMC/WSU and USF
Thank you stephope! We always see success stories from high scorers. We need inspiration from average scorers too. Im scared that my 6- weeks duration of UsCE may not be sufficient @stephope
@tinibopstin Something is better than nothing. Your 6 weeks is observership or externship? Now it's time to focus on interview skills and hope for the best.
Hello! My credentials are: Step1: 237, Step 2: 230, CS: Pass, all first attempt. need visa, YOG 2014. Applying IM only, 117 programs. No invites so far Sad . I heard that Aventura is having interviews already, they contacted everyone by phone call, They are starting next week, and everyone were IMG gc holder or citizen.
Got ack from Yale-Waterbury yesterday
me too got ack from yale-waterbury yesterday
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