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Matched -Old graduate - luckyone123
In how many programs did you apply? Did you have any contacts in the program? if you are more than 5 years YOG and program has a cut off 5 YOG, so did you apply to those programs or not? about usce, did you have experience in clinic or hospital?
Thank you for such an inspiring story, as I am still in medical school. I was just really worried about whether I would match or no in the future. But after your inspiring story of so many years of experience in the med field, I believe, that I will succeed.
I am an old grad, did not match, still applying. However, I am working on plan B of studying BCN Nursing to become a NP
@luckyone123 where did you get clinical experience? is it an agency or contact? Id appreciate if you can share that. my email is sunnyboy288
I always wanted to be a doctor, but the pressure of the costs was so high that I felt that I had no future in medicine.
(03-13-2019, 01:37 PM)ArchivalUser Wrote: Img 2008 graduate. Step 1 second attempt passed 220’s.Step 2 240’s first attempt.CS passed first attempt.Step 3 220’s. Green card. USCE 5 months. Research experience with no publications. Worked 3 yrs in a clinical setting. Matched with one interview this yr! So old graduates out there- Don’t give up!

Hey I am also old graduate living in texas, have applied for FM. Can i contact you fir more info
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