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Do Indian Medical Colleges participate in EMSWP? - par469
I am an FMG (from India) - I guess it does not participate in the EMSWP portal . How should I know if my medical college in India participates or not?
Medical schol participates in EMSWP portal. This article can help you to know whether your med school participates or not in EMSWP portal. Also, it will be better to contact your med school to know.
Thanks Parmesh
Thank you very much for your answer. I didn’t even know that there was a site where all this information was collected. It's just that I was very busy studying.
University work which is why we always encourage students to get in touch with.
Please note that students and graduates of schools that participate in EMSWP ERAS will not have the ability to upload Medical Student Performance Evaluations (MSPEs) and medical school transcripts themselves. These documents must be uploaded via EMSWP ERAS on their behalf by the participating medical schools.
As I know, EMSWP is available to international medical schools at no cost. ECFMG processes documents uploaded through EMSWP ERAS within two business days.
For more info on how a medical school can establish an EMSWP ERAS account, you can drop a line to [email protected]
If you study in a medical college you can also be interested in medical apps for doctors or patients, find out more about the development of these apps. I think it will help us in the future.
Your writings and news are really interesting to me. There are numerous advantages to the contents. Thank you so much.
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