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Resident Medical Everest group - pokemonknight
Hey guys,

I did not see any recent review on this, Has anyone heard of Resident medical or the Everest foundation? It is being run by Dr Everest and Greg someone i think.

I see this recent article on them: Residents Medical Celebrates Women Doctors in Honor of 2019 International Women’s Day | Florida Newswire

Apparently, they help people get into a residency program but they charge a hefty sum but half upfront and rest after you make it into residency

I know some people will comment scam cause they charge money etc but i rather have a proper discussion because they have been in business for over 10 years, if it was a scam wouldn't they be gone by now?
Dont touch with a 10 foot pole. My buddy investigated this company.

Same company but they changed their name after this scandal. Imagine the applicants who used this company, and didnt know their application included false letters. How they applied to a hospital, got an interview, then they found out their letters were forged and are now being questioned by the police. I bet that ruins your chances. Thank God they didnt throw any of the applicants in jail.

Save your money. People get so desperate this time of year that they consider shady folks.

"They have been in business for over 10 years, if it was a scam wouldn't they be gone by now?"

They are still in business because they also offer tutoring for USMLE step 3 and consulting for EARS application.
Hey thanks for sharing , did he find any other useful information about them?
I just talk to them and they said if you pay 150 000 will get you into residency
When considering any program or organization that offers assistance with residency placements or medical education, it's essential to conduct thorough research and exercise caution. Here are some steps you can take to evaluate such services:

Check for reviews and testimonials: Look for reviews from individuals who have used the services in the past. Positive or negative reviews can offer insights into the experiences of others.

Verify their legitimacy: Check if the organization is officially registered and accredited. You can also verify their claims and track record with relevant authorities or medical organizations. Dave The Diver
I recently spoke with them, and they indicated that if you pay 150,000, you can become a resident.
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