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health informatics - sandy11
i am a old grad, unlucky to get in to residency. now i am thinking to change my career altogether.
i my mind i could go for masters in health informatics.
is there anybody who is thinking or known of somebody who did masters ?please let me know , will be it be a nice decision? what to expect from masters program? will i get in to job easily with my hard core medical background?
please any insight will be highly appreciated.
Masters or PhD in health iInformatics is very good option then MPH. I did my masters in SBMI-UThealth in houston. Its very good program and they take students for all three semesters. If you ECFMG certified, then they waive you GRE scores for certificate and masters program. During masters program, if you develop data analysis or programming skills, then you have very good chance of getting jobs from anywhere $60-90k. I know few students who have medical background, they did MS in health informatics and now have job with more than >$100k salary. Its depend on how hard you work during masters. But, I can say with surety that Health informatics is better than MPH. Anyway, SBMI also offers scholarships and assistantship, so you dont have to pay out of state tuition fees. If you dont get, its easy to get assistant-ship in any institution under Texas Medical Center.

Thank u so much for reply. SBMI means biomedical informatics, right?
Is masters enough to develop these skills or employers prefer computer sciences background ppls for health informatics jobs?
Just so nervous about taking etirely different field , so fearful about getting in and once again failed like usmle. Yes , I've ecfmg certificate.
Can I email u regarding course details and what to expect to study in masters program.
Or email me dr_sadaft9

Even older grad 2008 Smile
Yes. SBMI is school of biomedical informatics.
Masters is enough to develop certain data analysis skills. Its always self learning using online resources. School is only for developing contacts and working with someone to refine your skills.
Health Informatics is relatively new field in-comparison to Public health. But since evolving of EHR, Its a great field to explore particularly for IMGs. You just need to develop your programming skills. There are many jobs like "clinical data analyst", "Research analyst" etc for MS in health informatics people.
It would be great if you go to SBMI website and see courses by yourself. There are few required courses, but rest of the courses you can select by yourself. They have different concentration like clinical informatics, data science, public health informatics, cognitive informatics etc.

Best option-find those indian IT companies, get some online training and get a job on contract. Pays well and work from home..nice alternative if you can't afford the time and money of doing
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