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Fellowship in US - samiadawach
I’m planning to do my residency in UK however I want to do my fellowship in US. If I give all my steps will I be given license to work in US.
Yes it is possible, even without residency back home as long as you have relevant experience and ECFMG certificate.

You are required to have training medical license (educational limited) to do them. The program that would accept you would help you getting through the process.

There is a physician named Samden Lhatoo, he did residency in UK then fellowship in Cleveland..He became director of the epilepsy center, then later on became vice-Chairman of Neurology in Texas. Many similar examples are around in USA.

Smaller places in USA have hard time to fill their fellowship positions given the "trash quality" that smaller programs have. They would hire you for a Non-ACGME accredited fellowship positions , which is accredited by the GME office of that institution, but would not count towards ACGME training. So, you can't shift to PGY2 position after doing a one year of non-ACGME fellowship training. However, it is good opportunity to have experience, and get paid as a resident.

I am aware about certain Neurology fellowships that offer this kind of training, mainly (Epilepsy, Neurophysiology, Headache, Neuroimmunology and Autonomic disorders).

Go to the American Academy of Neurology website, search for those particular fellowships and email the program directors ....even if they announce that they are ACGME fellowships, they can always convert the seats to non-ACGME and hire you. This would be better for them that having the position remain unfilled.

In term of medical licenses after those fellowships, you will not be eligible for unrestricted medical license (given that you have no ACGME training). But you will be eligible for "clinical academic medical license" to work as an attending at certain instituions only in certain states.

Hope this is helpful

Thanks for your reply. So in order to have ACGME training you need to complete residency in US?
ACGME is the association that give the accreditation to the residency and fellowship programs.
All residency programs are ACGME accredited, and many of the fellowships are accredited, while others are not.

ACGME accredited training is what would eventually make you qualified for unrestricted license afterward and for primary medical boards.

So with residency from UK , you can get into some of the fellowships here, but can't have an unrestricted license thereafter.

Hope this is helpful

To go in an ACGME training, you would have to apply for ACGME position PGY 1 (post graduate year 1). Which is an intern position during residency. No way to get ACGME fellowship without ACGME residency
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