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STEP 3 without CS exam but get ECFMG certificate - kencmd
Hi Guy,
Am I eligible to take STEP 3 exam if I get ECFMG certificate even without CS score? As everyone knows CS has been suspended for at least one year. They can administer alternatives or waive CS.

Thank You!

I called ECFMG. They told me if you passed alternatives (obviously you also need to pass STEP 1 and CK) and get the ECFMG certificate, you are eligible to take step 3 even if you failed the CS.

Does it mean after passing OET we can give Step 3?
NO! You can not pass Step 3 without ECFMG certification.
Yes, you deffinitely cannot pass step 3 without ECFMG certification. That would not make any sense.
This is great that young people care about current issues and develop useful educational resources. A friend of mine has set up in order to assist students with their essays and ease up the tough schedules and education process in general.
"I called ECFMG. They told me if you passed alternatives..." -When you say alternatives, do you mean the different Pathways 1, 2 up to 6 mentioned in this website?
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