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Old IMG residency application - humaira1971
I am an old img .US citizen , Passed step 1,2 and 3 Ecfmg certify . Wants to apply for residency this year Can any one guide me what are the steps for apply ? Or it is too late for apply ?
You still can apply. But it is little late.
Go to and find the community FM program to apply.
go to online services then OASIS.
OASIS to purchase a token If you haven't purchased it yet. Login in to OASIS using your ECFMG ID and password, If forgotten, follow the steps to retrieve it.
After you log in to OASIS, go to ERAS support services at the very bottom on left hand side. It takes you to the site where you pay $95.00 to purchase the token. Once you get the token, you can easily make your account with ERAS.
To make an account with ERAS, go again to
click Programs, then click ERAS support services. Then click Electronic Residency Application Systmen (ERAS). Make your log in.
Hi Humaira,

May I ask how is that you are just figuring out to apply now even after you got your ECFMG certification?

It is curious to me that you did not apply before with it since most of the people (if not everybody) realize they are eligible to do it with the certification.

Also, most of the AMGs or IMGs also realize that it would be easier to take the Step 3 test during the first year of the residency since you would be definitely submerged in the very knowledge that is evaluated.

So, congratulations that you completed all the USMLE! You are one step forward that most of the people here!
You have more chances to apply to alternative positions in the clinical world.

OASIS will buy a token. if you haven't already bought it. Use your ECFMG ID and password to log into OASIS. If you forget them, follow the instructions to get them back.
Go to the ERAS support services link at the very bottom of the left side of the screen after logging into OASIS. It directs you to the website where you may buy the token for $95.00. You may quickly create your ERAS account after you get the token.
Once you've logged into OASIS, look for the "ERAS Support Services" link in the sidebar on the left. It sends you to the place online where the token may be purchased for $95. As soon as you receive the token, you can immediately register for an ERAS account. basketball stars
When you have logged in to OASIS, go to the link labeled "ERAS Support Services" that is located at the very bottom left of the page on the screen's left side. You will be sent to the website where you can make the purchase of the token for the price of $95.00. When you have received the token, you will be able to rapidly establish an ERAS account.
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