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Is it a good idea to apply to more Programs today? - 99faith
I have applied to total of 15 FM programs. Will it a good idea to apply to more today? Please reply.
I'll appreciate you. I appreciate y'all anyway for being so helpful.
No one to reply.
This forum used to be helpful. Gone are those good days.
You should check the application deadline for each program that you want to apply to...
I really appreciate you.
I learned from a previous application of mine that today it could be a little late.
On the other hand, who knows how the virtual meetings play as an unknown factor, so it would not hurt anything (but money) to try (of course after followed usmlestep01234 suggestion).
Thanks for your input. I'll go for it. I just didn't have enough time to apply more than 15 before October due to my tough on going semester. I do not apply blindly. I look for the criteria on Frieda and their web site so It can become time consuming.
I think, it is enough to apply for about 15 FM programs in a day. These are too much applications that you have submitted in a single day. Not many people are willing to do job in FM programs that's why it will be easy to get a job in this field.
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