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When to take STEP 2 ck for 2022 match - usmle4residency
Please kindly share the details about the timeline/last day to take the CK exam for the 2022 match application process. I just started my Ck Preparation with a full-time job, this would help me to plan, I couldn't find any information in ECFMG/ Websites, please share your thoughts. Your answers will be very helpful and I would greatly appreciate it.
Hello @usmle4residency,

As long as you fully understand that as an IMG, it is no longer feasible to apply for the 2021/2022 Match (application submission commence Sept 01, 2021), then we are completely on the same page.

2022/2023 Match is your target now.

If the latter is the case, then remember that as an IMG, you also need to sit for the OET/english proficiency exam. Endeavor to have your Step 2 CK thrashed before the summer rolls in , like before May/June.

Should you need further clarity, it's okay to message me via my Skype ID: Lorusmoondoc

Best wishes.
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