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Career options - deemazing
Hello everyone, I am a foreign trained physician that has pursued an alternative path in medicine. At the moment I seek seek some help in areas I manage. Looking for appropriate candidates that would like to pursue other options. If interested for further discussion please email me davpat85

Hello everyone, just following up on my original post. I still seek someone interested in an alternative pathway in a hospital setting. Position located in San Diego. Please message if interested. davpat85

How many years have you been working in your profession? Did you go to work as a doctor immediately after graduating from university? It's just that when I finished my training as a programmer, I went to work as a waiter. Only three years later, when I came across, then I decided to try to work in my specialty. Even though I had such a severe time gap after graduation, I was able to find a company that needed my help. I was surprised that my boss didn't ask me a question about my job as a waiter.
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