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SP for OET exam - doc2345
I am looking for SP for speaking part of OET exam.
HI, I am also looking for an OET SP. I am EST time. My skype is: misha78911
I am interested please. Looking for a partner too.
Also where do you get the resources (materials) you use to study for this test. Like a book or website
@cocele I looked for a while I found a few sites with materials my favorite so far is they have a everything you need for all the pathways and its cheap
if you want pm me for a sp
I would be happy to assist any of you in this matter. I am an ECFMG certified US-IMG. I passed the USMLE Step 2 CS on first attempt with high performance in all modules.

There could potentially be a small fee for my services, but that can be discussed accordingly.

Please provide your contact information and I can reach out to you!

Good luck!

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