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Study partner for Step 1 - erp2k20
I just started Step 1 preparation. I am looking for study partner for EST timings who just started or beginner as myself. We can work out the time which suits for both parties.
Reach me on Skype @ ERP2K20.

Thank you,

1. Cell
2. Cell injury, cell death, and adaptations
3. Acute and chronic inflammation
4. Tissue repair: regeneration, healing, and fibrosis
5. Hemodynamic disorders, thrombosis, and shock
6. Diseases of the immune system
7. Neoplasia
8. Environmental and nutritional diseases
9. General pathology of infectious diseases
10. The blood vessels
11. The heart
12. The hematopoietic and lymphoid systems
13. The lung
14. The kidney and its collecting system
15. The oral cavity and gastrointestinal tract
16. The liver, gallbladder, and biliary tract
17. The pancreas
18. The male genital system
19. The female genital system
20. The endocrine system
21. The musculoskeletal system
22. The skin
23. The nervous system
I am interested. I am in NYC
Hi, I am also a student and would like to study for the exam together. I am mostly interested in dermatology and cosmetology.
Hi, I'm preparing for the exam too! I wrote to you in the mail, but you did not answer. Now I devote all my time to studying. I use various books, help online when I have problems with writing homework and want to get essay writing help. It is much more comfortable to study and prepare for the exam together. Please contact me by writing to my mail.
I passed and I am willing to help for free please let me know your schedule
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