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Step 3 journal - step3taker2021
So I decided to get this done. Applied for the exam today.
Materials I am going to use
Kaplan videos + qbank
Online med Ed videos for reference

Starting with IM See ya tomorrow
Started my schedule day 1 with Kaplan videos. Done with preventive medicine and 3/4 of ID Videos (9/15).
Practiced two CC's cases.
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Day 2- planned my schedule for the next 4 weeks as I have a rotation coming up so it's going to be a bit clashyy but we got to keep moving Submitted my application today so as soon as I get acceptance will take a date around july.

finished ID. videos and most of the surgery from Kaplan on demand. will take time to review both of them today for 1 hour.

Today's target Cardiology complete.
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