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I took Step 1 - drarian

Hi guys. I’m an IMG and I would like to share my experience with Step 1 exam which I took on March 15. First things first , you have to master First Aid and Uworld. If your exam is within weeks or days read the questions you did wrong or pages of first aid that were a bit challenging for you. NBME 24 was the best predictor for me and I took it a week before my exam . My NBME score was 233 and my real exam was 232. Uworld SIM 1 and 2 were hope givers for me but were not as accurate as the real deal. I scored 254 on SIM 1 and 237 on SIM 2. I also took a free Amboss self assessment and I scored 245.
Study patient communication and ethics since there’s gonna be a lot of new questions about them.
Good luck to all and if you have any questions feel free to ask.
Thanks for sharing.
Thank you for sharing your experiences, you are very kind
thanks for sharing your experience. question. from where you recommend to study patient communication and ethics??
I have a doubt, do we have to submit each answer separately on the test like we do in the uworld question bank? Or do we just select our answers in a block and end the block and consider the answers submitted?
which sources do u recommend for patient communication and ethics?
I am actually getting ready to across this information, is very helpful my friend.

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