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Dont give up! God is great! I finally matched - exoticbird88
Hello, by the grace of God, I finally matched after 6 years of continue applying to match with the average scores and couple attempts and IMG. I continued to fight and did not give up. It is hard I know, I have been there but remember to keep praying to God and do whatever it takes to get your dream job. I did non paid research for few years and other odd jobs, make connections and improve my application and interview skills. I wish all of you the best in this difficult journey. Just Believe in your self and most importantly in God. If i can help answer any questions I will be glad to do so.

Just dont give up, your time will come

Congratz. What are your stats?
plz share ur whole story ur scores and how u matched?
what material you advice
What speciality u matched in where?
Can u guide us about the interview skills u mentioned?
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