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Humbly Requesting a Step 3 Study Mentor/Model - dustyaintdead
Greetings and Best Wishes to Everyone!

This request may be somewhat "out the norm." However, I am requesting a strong USMLE Step 3 Mentor-Model Study Partner. I am planning to take Step 3 in 4-6 months. This will be my second attempt; the first was in 2014. At that time I was a Psychiatry Resident. I utilized both UWorld and Kaplan Qbanks; also Master the Boards, Archer's Premiere Step 3 Review, and UpToDate. But my study approach, and level of commitment were simply insufficient; attributing too little time, and allowing too many distractions. In retrospect, I realize that during the exam I spent too much time highlighting regions of the case history; and dwelling too long on case questions for which I was uncertain.

Now, I am willing to do whatever is necessary! I know that I have many areas that I must greatly strengthen; for both core sciences, and clinical. I graduated from a foreign medical school [Ross Univ. School of Med.] in 2008; and from my residency program in 2015. I'm already in my 50's, but that's okay too! "The race is not [always] to the swift, nor the battle to the strong.." I must complete this race; too many sacrifices already made through the years, not just by myself, but by my loved ones.

I currently have subscriptions to Kaplan Qbank, UpToDate; and am using Master The Boards. Next month, I plan to subscribe to UWorld Qbank, and I am currently studying 2-3 hours day. I am willing and able to manage an upward titration to at least 6 hours, or more daily. Thank you in advance for any such assistance available; as I suspect it would be mostly for my benefit, at least initially.

Thank you for reading my post. I wish everyone success, and happiness in all good things.

Highest Regards,
im interested i recently passed and i can help for free
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