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scored 252 thank you everyone for helping me - angadmd
I recently got my score report, glad to have finally cleared the step2ck and i would like to thank all of my study partners i found on this forum and I am very appreciative for making time to meet with me at barnes and noble.
I used MTB, UW 2x rounds, and did goldusmle review classes. I found that the goldusmle classes helped me focus on the key points and key words they also teach you how to dissect the questions with a sequence,
It is very effective and I was able to finish my blocks ahead of time thanks to their help, I would not have been able to pass without their help and I am glad i took their course.
I recommend the 6 or 8 week course this will be suffice. The week before the test i read the gold bullet points and personal notes to help me refresh everything in my miind and it really made
a big difference for me. On my first attempt i only did Kaplan, had to take care of my son with meningitis and failed. I became very depressed and almost gave up. It is important to never give up and i am glad i found the goldusmle class they helped me alot. I wish i did them on the first attempt.

it took me 8 weeks to prepare and i also worked on the weekends parttime with hard work anything is possible.
thank you for being mystudy partner and it was great to see you improve you came a long way and i am glad you passed. if you want to study for step 3 let me know.
I am so close to my exam and targeting just to pass. I would like to estimate if I can pass with the questions I am answering correctly in Uworld.
Do you have idea how many questions approximately need to be correct to score 209?
I appreciate the answer.
I want to clear my step 1 .can anyone guide me
If you can what app me 9392363727
Thank you USMLE Forum!

General Features
•no cost to you, if we don't succeed, per contract (e.g., we review your paperwork (application and supporting documents), that is deposited into your personal dropbox (first-namelastname at gmx dot com PASSSWORD) for review by our consultational team, and if qualified, you will receive a funded or regular contract)
Services'- Portfolio
•{R }a dozen board / licensing examination- teaching programs offered online
°footnote eg d b [pre- b is phone call]
@angadmd- can u pls share your study material . my skype id is usmlerenu13
People don't get mislead this is just a marketing BS. I saw this exact post in different forums with the reply who claimed to study with them. Poor desperate marketing.
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